The geek here.  The last day that Robyn and I hit the box before Christmas was Fri 23rd December.  Over the last two months we have sold houses,  during which we had periods where we could not use our stoves and the usual Christmas run up, which is full of things we should not eat. […]

We had friends for afternoon tea. For this, Robyn made her modification of Carrot and Honey Muffins,  a recipe from Robyn Martin’s Never Fail Muffins, which is out of print If you are going to have a low training day(and you should, every week)  or  if you have guests around, make something that tastes wonderful. […]

This all began yesterday. We went past the local cafe and Robyn wanted the carrot cake. I distracted her with a gluten free brownie. (She needed it: we did about 120 minutes walking that day and she is a pound lighter). However, she wanted a carrot cake. So we went looking and found a recipe. […]

    When I met Robyn, she weighed 25 kg — 55 pounds more than she does now. She has dropped from size 18 to size 12. How has she done this? By making changes. Small changes. With big results. And some mistakes along the way: some of the things I can do she cannot, […]